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About Progressive Taekwondo in Apex and Cleveland

Our Philosophy

The definition of “Progressive” is moving forward, advancing; promoting or favoring progress towards better conditions. At Progressive Taekwondo Academy it is our objective to make sure that each person that walks through our doors is progressing not only as a martial artist but also as an individual and a member of society. The five tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit will provide the foundation for our teachings and character development.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for students of all ages and skill levels to build confidence, gain life skills, and have fun while getting in shape and learning the martial art of Taekwondo. Throughout our teachings we will be respectful to the history of Taekwondo and remembering that Taekwondo is more than just kicking and punching but a way of life.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art that was founded in South Korea. Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Today, it has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation and stands among the official games in the Olympics.

Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of the word “Tae” “Kwon” “Do.” It is composed of three parts as shown in the English spelling, though it is one word in Korean. “Tae” means “foot,” “leg,” or “to step on”; “Kwon” means “fist,” or “fight”; and “Do” means the “way” or “discipline.” If we put these three parts together, we can see two important concepts behind “Tae Kwon Do”.

Life-Changing Benefits

Enhanced Self Confidence

Take your self-confidence to a new level and watch your growth sore with confidence. 

Better Grades

Whether you’re a child or an adult, if you’re in school, you’ll notice a difference in your grades.

Disciplined Focus

While learning martial arts, a disciplined focus can be developed to help you achieve your goals.

Great Stress Relief

Day-to-day activities can be stressful. Let out your stress in our fun and energetic classes!

Respect for One Another

Learn what’s missing a lot in the world today, a respect for one another. It’s important!

Better Social Skills

You can learn better social skills here that can help you achieve friendships both personal and professional. 

Our Locations

Apex, North Carolina

Cleveland, Ohio

Our Instructors

Grandmaster S. Jamal Oden – 7th Dan

Head Instructor – Cleveland Location

Master Salim Oden – 4th Dan

Head Instructor – Apex Location

Master Gilbert Johnson – 4th Dan

Instructor – Clevland Location

Mr. Stu Huie – 2nd Dan

Instructor – Cleveland Location

“Our son loves learning Taekwondo with Master Salim. His patient instruction of technique and focus on discipline, respect and hard work are both great lessons for our 6-yo. Our youngest will likely attend class here one day as well!”

– Alex Guichard

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